J.K. Modern Law College

Welcome to the J.K. Modern Law College. I hope that O Week and your introductory classes have gone well. You, our students, are the lifeblood of this Law College. Whether you are studying the LLB, a Masters degree, you are now part of J.K. Modern Law College.

You come from many different College, different backgrounds, different experiences. But now, laid over all that is your membership of a new community, J.K. Modern Law College. Coming here involves more than studying a few courses: you are joining a Law College with a history, tradition and a culture (of values, engagement, respect, commitment to justice) which sets you apart as members of it. It is now your law College, your responsibility to shape that tradition and build that culture.


Ragging is a crime which destroys the physical and emotional confidence and It led to a increase in Suicide activities.

“The most inhumane act is the offence of Ragging on a human being by an inhuman creature.”


A library is a collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing.

The Library has elaborate arrangements for physical conservation of books for posterity.